Assign incoming conversations to your team members.

Avochato makes it easy to manage conversation ownership in your inbox when you have multiple team members. You can adjust this configuration in Settings > Auto-Assignment.


You can set Avochato to automatically rotate assigning new conversations to team members as people contact your Avochato number. Toggle team members “on” or “off” to make them eligible to get auto-assigned.

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Setting Chat Limits

After you have added users to the auto-assignment roster, you will be able set chat limits. You have the ability to set different limits for both channels (SMS and Live Chat). Once all agents are at capacity, inbound conversations will be unassigned until an agent closes a conversation or another agent becomes available.


In the upper left corner of the Avochato screen a user can make themself available or unavailable when the auto assignment feature is turned on. New tickets will not be auto-assigned to unavailable agents.

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Reassign Conversations

Agents have the ability to Mass-reassign and Mass-unassign conversations. This allows each agent to take over conversations at the beginning of their shift or offload conversations when they go home for the day.

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Assigning ticket owners manually

Regardless of Auto-Assign, you can always manually set the owner.  Open the ticket in the Messages panel. Then select the correct team member from the assignee dropdown menu on the upper right corner of the page:

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