How to use AvoAI Agent Assist

A guide on how Avochato’s AvoAI Agent Assist can help your team

If you are a Beta user and have access to AvoAI, welcome to the AvoAI Agent Assist product guide! If you don’t have access, you can join by clicking the “Join the AI Beta Waitlist” button instead in the “Automations” tab.

This guide will walk you through step-by-step instructions, tips, and insights to ensure a good understanding of how to use AvoAI and make the most of your bot.

If you haven’t setup your AvoAI bot, click here to learn more as you will need to setup your bot before using AvoAI’s Agent Assist features.

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If you’ve already been added to the AvoAI Beta and still can’t switch Agent Assist ON nor see the purple AvoAI wand in the conversation menu, you might be lacking the permission to access these. To update your permissions (may need help from the account owner or admin), please click your profile icon at the upper right hand of Avochato and hit “Manage Organization”. Once in the Manage Organization view, click “Users” in the left hand panel. A user list will show and from there, select the appropriate user and enable AvoAI permissions as needed.

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AvoAI Agent Assist

We have added new functionality to help you and your team communicate with your audience and contacts!

Within the Automation’s Overview tab, check to see that your bot is on and active. Conversation Agent Assist will not work, unless the bot is on. Now that your bot is on, we can get started with using AvoAI’s Agent Assist.

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The purple AvoAI Wand is accessible via your conversations! Once clicking on the wand, a side panel will appear with the new AvoAI functionality. We currently have three Agent Assist features that can help with how you and your team interacts with your audience and contacts.

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Generate Messages

If you are not sure how to respond or how to start a new message, “Generate Messages” will help with creating a new response based on the contents of the conversation with that specific contact.

1. Generate

Click on the “Generate” button to create a new message based on the conversation. Clicking on “Generate” again will create a new message.

2. Send

You can either edit the generated message within the AvoAI panel first before sending, or send the generated message as is directly from the panel.

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Summarize Ticket

If you are taking over a ticket or another agent is stepping in on yours, utilize “Summarize Ticket” to create a summary based on all inbound and outbound messages within that ticket.

1. Summarize

Click on the “Summarize” button to create a summary of the ticket. Clicking on “Summarize” again will create a new summary.

2. Add to Note

You can either leave the summary as is for a realtime FYI, or you can add that summary as a note for future reference.

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Spelling & Grammar

In addition to checking for any misspellings, AvoAI’s “Spelling & Grammar” feature can help improve your grammar as well.

1. Spelling & Grammar

Either copy + paste the message you would like reviewed, or directly type into the text box. Then, click on the “Spelling & Grammar” button to create an improved version of your message. Clicking on “Spelling & Grammar” again will create a new version of your message.

2. Send

You can then send the updated version of your message directly from the panel.

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Ask Anything

Have a question and need an answer right away? Use “Ask Anything” to get answers without leaving Avochato.

1. Ask Anything

Enter a question in the field and hit “Ask” for our AI to help you with an answer.

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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis gives a numerical rating to a conversation. The rating will range from 0 to 10, 0 being very negative and 10 being very positive. Sentiment Analysis will also summarize the main topic of the conversation and list both resolved and unresolved action items.

1. Sentiment Analysis

By clicking “Analyze”, the AI will scan the conversation and give you three results:

  • Rating - a numerical value assigned to a conversation to gauge the overall sentiment
  • Summary - gives a general idea of what is discussed in the conversation
  • Actions - lists any action items that were identified during analysis

2. Add to Note

You can either leave the summary as is for a realtime FYI, or you can add that summary as a note for future reference.

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3. Sentiment Score Indicator

After analysis, the latest sentiment score will appear on the conversation list.

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4. Sort by Sentiment Score

A new sorting method for the inbox will be available when Sentiment is on. Conversations that haven’t been manually analyzed will rank at the bottom when this sorting feature is used.

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