Send Image in Auto-Responses

Automating keyword responses to send images using templates

Avochato now offers sending out images in response to keywords using templates! Below are the steps:

Step 1: Create a Template with the desired image.

  1. Click Settings (Left menu) → Templates.
  1. Here you can name the Template and add the desired image. For example, below the name of the template created is Avochato.
  1. Type a message in the Template text box. You can skip this if text is not required as part of the keyword response.
  1. Hit Add Template

Step 2: Add a Keyword

  1. Click Settings (Left menu) → Keywords.
  1. Create a new Keyword and type the Keyword you want your customers to message in.
    1. Example: When a contact texts you “Avochato Keyword” it will trigger this keyword response with an image from a Template.

  1. In the, Auto Reply with field insert the following $template_(name of template). Please make sure to include “$template_” before the Template name, otherwise the template will not attach correctly to the Keyword.
    1. Example: $template_Avochato

  1. Click Add Keyword.

Now whenever a contact messages with the Keyword “Avochato Keyword”, the image will be sent out to them as a response.

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