Overview of Automated Responses

Auto-responses, keywords, surveys, campaign and rekindling.

There are a few ways to set up automated responses in Avochato. Automation is imperative while maintaining a personal and tailored experience for your customers.


Auto responses are text messages that can be configured to send automatically whenever someone texts or calls your number. You can also send an auto-response letting customers know your office is closed for the day. Learn how to set up here.


Keywords will trigger an automated response whenever someone texts the defined word to your number. Learn more here.


Surveys automatically ask a list of questions and save the responses to a contact’s profile. A survey is initiated by a contact sending a text message of a specific keyword or by sending the survey shortcut in an outbound message.

Scheduled 1-1 Message

You can schedule a 1-1 follow-up message. The scheduled message can be set to cancel if your contact replies. This is great way to reminder a contact to follow up with you if they haven’t replied within the desired time frame.

Notion image
Notion image


You can schedule an automated follow-up message (or multiple messages) on a given time delay. This is great to help your team engage with leads when they are interested or to automate a reminder for an upcoming event.


Rekindling allows you to send a nudge reminder as you await a response from a customer. They are configured per channel (Live Chat, SMS or WhatsApp) and allow your team to focus on active conversations.

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