Auto-Close Conversations

There are two ways to automatically close conversations in Avochato. They both will allow your team to focus on active conversations and keep your inbox organized.

Auto-Close After Inactivity

Under Settings > Conversation MGMT > Auto-Close Conversations, you can set conversations to close after a specified number of days. Add the number of days since the last inactivity and toggle on. You can still view old conversations by using a filter and selecting “Show closed convos”.

Auto-Close With Outbound Message

Another option would be to close a conversation on an outbound message. This is a great way for support teams to auto-close a ticket when an issue has been resolved.

The first step is to create a template under “Settings > Templates”. This can be a closing messaging that signals the end of a conversation or it can be something as simple as a punctuation mark.

For the conversation to auto-close, the template shortcut has to be sent (see below).

Here is a screenshot of the message being sent and it getting closed after delivery.

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