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Sort and filter your inbox by a number of variables.

Avochato allows you to sort & filter the inbox by a number of variables to make it easier for you and your team to view relevant conversations.

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What can I search by?

  • Tags: Enter the following - tags: “tag name”
  • Unassigned Owner: find tickets without a contact owner using user:unassinged. And, this also works in the inbox. Contact owner is different than ticket assignee
  • Contact Owner: You can filter the inbox with all tickets whose Contact is owned by a user using the syntax user: ""
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  • Custom fields: Enter the following - fields:"[fieldname]=[data]”
    • For example, if you have a custom field for “favorite_food” and you’re trying to find conversations for all contacts that have “french fries”, enter the following into the search bar
      • fields:"favorite_food=french fries”

What can I filter by?

  • Status: New, Open, Closed, or Pending
  • Assignee: Which user the ticket is assigned to
  • Channel: SMS, Live Chat & WhatsApp
  • Unresponded Only: Only tickets that your team has not yet responded to
  • Unaddressed Only: Only tickets that have not been responded to, or have not been marked as addressed
  • Last Activity After: Pick a date range after a specified date
  • Last Activity Before: Pick a date range before a specified date
    • Combine these to filters to view messages within a date range

What can I sort by?

Sort by Most Recent Activity

This is the default inbox sorting. It shows the conversation with the most recent messages (or phone calls) at the top of your inbox. Use this sorting to get a real-time glance at what your agents are working on.

Sort by Oldest Activity

This is the opposite of most recent activity. This option shows the conversation with the oldest last message sent. This is the same functionality as the filter formerly known as “Oldest First.”

Sort by Longest Wait Time

When this option is selected, you’ll automatically filter to “Unaddressed Only” (My Inbox). A ticket becomes unaddressed when a new message comes in, and no human has sent a response yet. When you sort by longest wait time, the ticket that has been unaddressed for the longest period of time will be displayed at the top of your inbox.

How do I clear filters?

Clicking the “Reset” button above the Filters & Sort section will clear all filters and refresh your conversation list.

What do the Pause and Refresh buttons do?

The pause button will prohibit new tickets from showing up in your inbox. This can be useful in periods of high volume if you would like to pause distractions. This will not interrupt messaging service or auto replies.

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